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Horror LUTs Pack

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Looking for the perfect look to go with your creepy new horror film?

Then check out our new Horror Film Luts from Piedmont Motion Picture!

Included are 36 cinematic LUTs best suited for giving you creative looks for your next horror or thriller project!

These are STANDARD LUTs and work best with footage that has a basic color correction applied.Remember that these files should be used as a starting point, and may need to be adjusted to work best with your footage.

These LUTS can be used in any editing program that reads .CUBE files ( i.e. Adobe Premiere Pro CC, LumaFusion.)Works within Resolve / Adobe CC / FCPX (with LUT Utility installed) If you are using Final Cut, you will need a LUT installer.

You can find a link to a free installer here: FINAL CUT LUT INSTALLER

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