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Q: What camera/lenses do you use?

A: All of the gear I use, plus other items I recommend for filmmakers to check out can be found here.

Q: What editing software do you use?

A: I prefer using products in the Adobe Creative Cloud family to edit my work.

Q: Do you shoot weddings?

A: Yes! No creative project is too big or too small. You can view examples of my wedding work here. Please contact us for a project proposal.

Q: Will you critique my video work?

A: I currently only critique work for paying members of my YouTube community, or those who have hired me for consultation services.

Q: Where do you live?

A: North Carolina

Q: Can I ask you a different question?

A: Please use our contact form if you have a question that isn't on this list, or you have a project in mind that you need help with. I offer consultation services for in-depth discussions, help and feedback regarding filmmaking, YouTube, and other video production related topics.

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