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FiLMiC Pro LOG LUTs Pack

Updated: Jan 20

Take your mobile footage to the next level, save time and money with my FiLMiC Pro LOG LUTs pack! GET IT HERE

  • Included are 9 creative look LUTs and 1 utility LUT, specifically designed to look best with footage shot with the LOG Version 2 Color profile and up available with the FiLMiC Pro Cinematographer's Kit, but these will also work with Log Version 3 as well.

  • For best results; apply the included Utility LUT as an initial color grade, and then choose a creative LUT to apply over top for a finishing touch.

  • These LUTs can be used within any editig program that reads .CUBE files (i.e. Adobe Premire Pro CC, LumaFusion.)

  • Works within Adobe CC, Resolve, and FCPX (with a LUT utility installed.)

  • If you are using Final Cut Pro you will need a LUT installer, you can find a link to a free LUT installer here: FINAL CUT LUT INSTALLER

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